Our Farm

We're proud of our commitment to "green" growing practices.  Our fruit is tree-ripened and never gassed or dyed.  Click below to learn why "green is beautiful" at Butrico Groves!

Our Family

Butrico Groves is family owned and operated by Lee and Barbara Bird.  Click here to read our story, and check out the photo gallery for pictures of us doing what we do best!

Our Fruit

We specialize in Indian River Navel Oranges and Red Grapefruits.  We also offer seasonal favorites like tangerines, tangelos, and honeybells.  Click here to read more about our delicious citrus!

Butrico Groves is located in the Indian River Basin of central Florida. Our fruit is naturally tree-ripened and harvested daily.  Stop in for a bag of "liquid sunshine" or order a gift shipment to send a "Florida squeeze" to friends and family!

Hurricane Irma struck our grove with a vengeance in mid September, destroying  70% of our navels and ALL of our grapefruit crop.  We had a tornado touch down less than a block from our grove, and the rain made the ground so soft that many trees were uprooted.  We lost 42 trees to the storm, and the ground is littered with oranges and grapefruit.Because of this loss, WE WILL BE UNABLE TO SHIP GIFT FRUIT THIS YEAR.  We simply don't have enough quality fruit to supply our friends and customers in the frigid north with our usual "Florida Sunshine".  We will keep the grove open for as long as possible with fresh fruit sales here at the farm, but won't be able to ship out to our many customers.  We will spend this time re-planting and tending to our remaining trees, so PLEASE  keep us in mind next year when fruit season rolls around.